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Date Published 2nd September 2015


Water usage, storage and waste is a continual battle throughout Australia – some areas suffer badly from lack of water whilst others battle with flooding. There’s growing pressure on government to improve urban water supplies and educate the growing population on water storage and required usage per day. Similarly for the construction industry there is a growing need to understand requirements for the storage, use and waste of water on a construction site.

The benefits of having water storage onsite for any construction team are huge. Dust suppression is a big issue in dryer areas, both for road construction and demolition areas. Similarly, having immediate access to water onsite for horticultural purposes (new turf and gardens) is critical in ensuring the successful take up of new plantings.

H2flow provides a number of on site water storage solutions for a variety of civil, construction and horticultural applications.

30,000 litre water storage tanks can be hired for long term use. These steel container water modules are ideal for the robust civil environment, built to take the knocks onsite, easily set up and relocated onsite (transported to site on the back of a tilt tray truck) and secure with all the fittings hidden behind padlocked container doors. Simply plumbed, larger storage requirements are simply catered to by adding containers as required. Custom made tanks to 58,000 litre capacity and potable (fresh water) tanks are also available on request.

For the smaller job application, a H2flow Water Trailer hire is great for water storage on smaller sites where limited access may present problems. These versatile 1800 lt trailers come complete with powerful remote controlled diesel pumps, 30 metres of 25mm hose on a manual hose reel & batter spray fittings for dust control and compaction.

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Latest Reviews

H2flow Hire literally saved me a few weeks ago! Completely ran out of water on a weekend (as did most of the neighborhood it seems), so after a desperate call to Phil on Saturday evening he had someone there Sunday morning. The operator Stu was fantastic and Phil followed up with a call to make sure everything went well. I was very impressed (and grateful)! You have a great team and I know I will be calling on them again

- Christie McCormack

I believe the Automatic AdBlue Trailers designed and manufactured by the team at H2flow Hire are some of the best I have seen in the industry. Its extremely efficient design and wide range of versatile and portable applications make it the perfect AdBlue storage solution for all jobs near and far

- Matt Hanna

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