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Trailers at H2flow Hire
Date published 1 February 2021
H2flow Hire is Brisbane’s largest Dry Hire supplier of heavy-duty trailers. Designed for a range of diverse building and construction site applications, our trailers are great value and always available.  Our specialised and versatile trailer line-up includes:   — Water Trailers (...
Vac truck hire - What are the applications?
Date published 29 November 2021
Vacuum trucks, more commonly referred to as ‘vac trucks’, are a relatively new technology to the construction industry. They are equipped with high pressure hoses and suction tubes, allowing them to suck liquid, slurry, and sludge into a tank located on the back of the truck for transport and di...
Go green for your next clean with a small pressure washer trailer
Date published 29 November 2021
When it comes to cleaning, especially in a commercial capacity, most people are quick to assume that high-grade chemicals and heavy machinery are the way to go. In the wake of climate change, the construction industry and society in general are moving towards more environmentally sustainable practis...
What is a pressure washer trailer used for?
Date published 29 November 2021
Whether it’s a grimy driveway or a rusty excavator, you can count on an effective solution in pressure washing. The process involves using a pressure washer to hasten cleaning jobs that a bucket and sponge would be less effective or efficient for, or to remove especially hardy materials like greas...
Vac truck hire - should you go big or opt for a small vacuum truck?
Date published 29 November 2021
A vac truck is a type of tank truck designed to suck up and remove both solid and liquid construction materials from a construction site. They do this by displacing construction materials using highly pressurised (2600psi) water, and then sucking up the resulting slurry. Our small vacuum trucks use ...
How can hiring a small tipper truck benefit my project?
Date published 26 November 2021
Tipper trucks are a common sight across construction projects in Brisbane and south-east Queensland. Chances are that everyone has seen one at some point. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but at the most fundamental level, every tipper truck consists of a chassis with a dump body mounted...

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H2flow Hire literally saved me a few weeks ago! Completely ran out of water on a weekend (as did most of the neighborhood it seems), so after a desperate call to Phil on Saturday evening he had someone there Sunday morning. The operator Stu was fantastic and Phil followed up with a call to make sure everything went well. I was very impressed (and grateful)! You have a great team and I know I will be calling on them again

- Christie McCormack

I believe the Automatic AdBlue Trailers designed and manufactured by the team at H2flow Hire are some of the best I have seen in the industry. Its extremely efficient design and wide range of versatile and portable applications make it the perfect AdBlue storage solution for all jobs near and far

- Matt Hanna

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