How Your Construction Site Could Use a Water Truck

Date Published 30th March 2016


How your construction site could use a water truck?

There are many advantages for the construction industry in sourcing professional water truck services, which may not be immediately apparent. As well as offering solutions for high pressure water cleaning, water trucks are able to solve a number of complex problems, and can also prevent them from occurring in the first place. Consider the following issues that a water truck can solve as part of your next build. water truck

Damage that can be caused by dust

The control of dust on any construction or industrial site is a concern, and needs to be monitored in order to promote the health and well being of staff as well as the general public, and to protect the environment. But dust is seen as an inevitable interruption. With a water truck at your work site, you can minimise the impact of dust by preventing it, and also clearing it, because airborne dust particles can be effectively handled with water solutions.

Tailored water truck solutions

Heavy water and TGC solutions are leading the industry in dust suppressants. With Liquid Polymer Surfactants infused in the water tank, a water truck can penetrate soil more deeply, and prevent dust problems before they occur. You’ll also avoid extra costs by circumventing the interruptions that dust can cause, with a simple, cheap, efficient solution.

The risks of using water

Builders will need access to high pressure hoses and the best quality water pumps to deliver targeted, efficient water power. However, these hoses should only be handled by trained professionals, or you run the risk of inflicting unnecessary water damage. Using trained staff also means that water can be delivered to the site required, with minimum wastage. This has the added benefit of reducing water overflow, to avoid surrounding sites from becoming swamped or dredged in mud.

Water trucks and workplace safety

Hiring a water truck is often vital for maintaining the best emergency protocols. This minimises the risk posed by fire and the potential for further damage to be caused when putting fires out. Often, the water deployed at the site of a fire can be more catastrophic. When using water, you also need to consider the risks of slippage or accidents, and solve problems, in a targeted manner, fast. Whether you’re undertaking road works, or you’re worried about your heavy machinery, you will need to work to the highest standards of workplace health and safety.

If you need a water truck to guarantee your commercial or industrial site works efficiently, and you want to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your operations, trust the team at H2flow to work with you as a partner in achieving your goals.

With over 15 years of dedicated service to communities of Queensland, H2flow have a reputation for quality and expediency. Our drivers are trained to the highest standards of professionalism. Our fleet ranges from 2,000 litre to 28,000 litre trucks. So, H2flow can guarantee to supply the best suited water trucks for your needs. With fresh and recycled water truck services available, you can work in a safer, more effective commercial environment.

Latest Reviews

H2flow Hire literally saved me a few weeks ago! Completely ran out of water on a weekend (as did most of the neighborhood it seems), so after a desperate call to Phil on Saturday evening he had someone there Sunday morning. The operator Stu was fantastic and Phil followed up with a call to make sure everything went well. I was very impressed (and grateful)! You have a great team and I know I will be calling on them again

- Christie McCormack

I believe the Automatic AdBlue Trailers designed and manufactured by the team at H2flow Hire are some of the best I have seen in the industry. Its extremely efficient design and wide range of versatile and portable applications make it the perfect AdBlue storage solution for all jobs near and far

- Matt Hanna

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