Does Clean Water Really = Purity + Peace of Mind?

Date Published 2nd September 2015


H2flow is Brisbane and South East Queensland’s leading water services carrier.

In addition to offering water trucks for hire, H2flow has assigned two dedicated water trucks in the Greater Brisbane area purely focused on drinking water deliveries for the residential and commercial construction sectors. Has it been busy recently, VERY!

When assessing our entry into the drinking water sector, it was clear that we needed to ensure we sort the right advice and not listened to the supposed experts in the game as to how it is done.

Brisbane City Council has very specific guidelines and procedures to comply with the Food Act 2006 when applying for approval to transport and deliver drinking water. After all, delivering water that could potentially lead to users becoming ill, is something we took very seriously. It must be said that Ipswich, Moreton and Redland City Councils also have stringent guidelines.

So, to make sure we delivered clean water acceptable for drinking water use, what permits and procedures did we need to put in place to meet our obligations?

What truck standards should I expect my drinking water carrier to have for water deliveries?

Firstly, the truck must be dedicated for the sole purpose of carrying water for human consumption, and not perform a dual role of carrying recycled or alternative water for construction or horticulture.

Delivery hoses must comply with relevant Australian Standards, such as 2070-1999 (Plastic materials for food contact use) or the relevant international standard.

All hoses and outlets on the truck should be capped an protected to prevent contamination of couplings and fittings.

How do I know the water I am getting is safe?

H2Flow only uses water extracted from the Queensland Urban Utilities water mains, which is the same water consumed by all of Brisbane. The water is carried in a fibreglass water tank which is cleaned and sanitised on a monthly basis, before the tank, hoses and fittings are flushed with clean water. When not in use, hoses and outlets are capped at all times for additional safety.

Do staff involved in the delivery of drinking water have to have a base level of training?

As a condition of our Food Business Licence (FS 02240430010), H2Flow has a Food Safety Supervisor whose dedicated responsibility is to ensure we are compliant with all conditions of our licence. This involves programmed inspections of all equipment ensuring tanks and fittings are sanitised on schedule and all drivers of our drinking water vehicles are trained in the safe handling of water.

What licences and permits should I ask for?

All water carriers providing you with drinking water should have a Food Business License which has been issued by your local council. The water truck should have the words “Drinking Water Only” clearly displayed on the side of the truck. It is recommended that you ask the driver to show you a copy of their Food Business Licence to ensure that you are dealing with an accredited operator. You cannot be too careful when it comes to your health!

What does the Eat Safe Rating mean?

Eat Safe Brisbane is built on the most efficient and effective way of achieving food safety compliance and consists of multiple factors critical to producing safe food for consumers.The assessment of a food business takes into account all the food handling processes within the operation. Council will undertake a food safety yearly audit of the business to ensure they comply with the requirements of the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards to determine if the business effectively manages food safety risks.

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H2flow Hire literally saved me a few weeks ago! Completely ran out of water on a weekend (as did most of the neighborhood it seems), so after a desperate call to Phil on Saturday evening he had someone there Sunday morning. The operator Stu was fantastic and Phil followed up with a call to make sure everything went well. I was very impressed (and grateful)! You have a great team and I know I will be calling on them again

- Christie McCormack

I believe the Automatic AdBlue Trailers designed and manufactured by the team at H2flow Hire are some of the best I have seen in the industry. Its extremely efficient design and wide range of versatile and portable applications make it the perfect AdBlue storage solution for all jobs near and far

- Matt Hanna

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